Enter the life of a disorderly devon rex cat. Be careful, this cat is highly unstable and subject to hardcore ZOOMIES.

Play through **5 levels** to conquer the universe.

Your ZOOMIES level increases by eating bikkies, taking damage, or killing stuff. ZOOMIES are highly unstable and will not last long unless you can keep your chaotic primal instincts satisfied.

Keyboard controls:

  • Move - Left/Right
  • Jump - Up
  • Dash - Shift
  • Slash (during Zoomies) - Space

Gamepad controls:

  • Move - Left Stick
  • Jump - (A)
  • Dash - (B)
  • Slash (during Zoomies) - (X)

Art by Yuan Programming and sound by Nazorus


devonrexdisorder-devonrexdisorder-win.zip 35 MB
Version 2 Oct 05, 2021


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