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Oftalmogarden is a chaotically fast third person shooter set on a bizarre eyeball-populated planet.

In this game, you continuously grow stronger by accumulating upgrades, but also receive curses over time. You will have to play fast if you want to survive, or at least delay the inevitable.

Who knows what other abominations may await you if you are too slow.


This build is an alpha demo meant to showcase the game, you can play it for free. More content will be added to the demo over time, until it becomes ready for a full release. 

If you enjoyed your time with Oftalmogarden, consider choosing a non-zero price for the download!

Oftalmogarden requires a mouse and keyboard.





Switch Weapon

Use Gadget


In short

Get weapons, shoot eyeballs, collect shiny things, go FAST.

Weapons and Items

The first step to survival is to be well-equipped, so be sure to find a decent weapon, your P.E.W. (Pathetic Emergency Weapon) is just a last resort when out of ammo.


Ammo packs will help keeping those weapons nice and full of deadly things to spray your foes with.

Ammo Pack

When things go inevitably wrong, pickup items may keep you alive for a while, or help you remove whatever put you in that situation.

Power Ups

Effects range from restoring health to killing all nearby threats, try them all out!


Most of your time will be spent in gardens, but do not fall asleep there as spending time in gardens will fill your curse meter.

Spend too much time in a garden and something bad will happen, and then you'll die.

To get out of a garden, you need to complete the objective by collecting light drops from the foes you killed.

Light Drops    Objective

Once the objective is complete, the portal will open. Don't waste time and touch it to progress to the next garden. If you are fast enough, the portal will grant you XP for upgrades.

The Portal

Upgrades and Curses

If you survive long enough, you may collect enough XP to rank up. Each time you rank up, you will be able to pick an upgrade at the end of the ongoing garden.

Rank Meter

There are several ways to collect XP in gardens:

  • Collecting light drops from foes.
  • Touching the portal when there is time left.
  • Collecting dark orbs.

Upgrades are vital to keep up with the increasing number of foes you will face, and compensate the curses you will receive throughout your short life span.

Curses are like upgrades, but bad. You get periodically cursed as you spend time in gardens. This is unavoidable and you will have to make do with all the handicaps you accumulate.

The curse meter tells you how long until the next curse occurs, it persists throughout gardens.

Once you get cursed, you get to choose a curse at the end of the ongoing garden.

The End?

There is no end to this game... Yet. Your ultimate goal is to survive as many gardens as you can.

Once you die, you're dead. After that, you get to play again.


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Version 0.4.0

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