The Cursed Update

I am very happy with how Big Tangerine turned out last week, the fight feels tough but fair and adds some of the spice that the game was missing. I have many other boss ideas and can’t wait to implement them for more variety.

Some commented that Big Tangerine was perhaps a bit too tanky and could be more aggressive, and I think I agree, which is why I slightly adjusted some of its values in this patch to make the fight a bit more intense but also just a little shorter.

The main content of this update however is curses. I feel that a bunch of curses in the game are pretty generic, and that there aren’t enough of them to make curses truly unpredictable, it feels like you’re often picking the same ones each run. For this reason, this patch introduces five new chaotic curses to ruin your runs. Enjoy (or don’t).

That’s it for this week, check out the full patch notes below!


  • Big Tangerine
    • Reduced base health to 4000 (from 4200).
    • Reduced health bonus per boss kill to 500 (from 800).
    • Reduced ability cooldowns.
    • Ability cooldowns and windups are now faster for each boss kill count.


  • Ghost
    • Slightly reduced detection range.
    • Slightly reduced slow beam range.


  • [NEW] Serious Bait
    • Pickups may spawn foes.
    • +20% chance per stack, degressive.
  • [NEW] Elite Forces
    • Stronger enemies are more likely to spawn.
  • [NEW] Improbability Fire
    • Chance to replace weapon after firing.
    • Chance is inversely proportional to fire rate.
  • [NEW] Phyletic Dwarfism
    • Foes are smaller.
    • ~10% size reduction per stack.
  • [NEW] Surprise Mechanics
    • Power Ups look identical.
    • Does not apply to stored Power Ups.


  • Item Spawners now destroy any existing pickup items on it when spawning a new pickup item.
  • Scene transition is now slightly less bright.

[post update] Fixes

  • The player can no longer store a Power up in Garden 0 despite not having Utility Belt.

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Version 0.3.2 Mar 14, 2021

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