Floaty Things

This minor update brings some visual improvements and a couple of new upgrades, as well as some fixes, and that’s about it. The past couple weeks have been a bit slow, hopefully I’ll be able to get back into things soon.

Patch notes below:


  • [NEW] Spare Battery
    • Gain an additional Gadget charge.
  • [NEW] Expansion Pack
    • Gain an extra upgrade/curse choice.


  • QB (player character) now tilts on movement.
  • QB (player character) now slightly bumps on landing.
  • Upgrade and curse choices now float and bump on the level transition screen.
  • Added small sound effect on picking 


  • Triple Shot no longer plays weapon audio three times per shot.
  • Various minor fixes.


oftalmogarden-win.zip 44 MB
Version 0.3.4 Apr 02, 2021

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