Tweaks and Optimizations

This update mostly aims at improving performance of some of the game’s elements that were too costly when runs started to get crazy, most notably drops and spills.

It also introduces a new upgrade, Blind Optimization, that gives you the value of two upgrades at the cost of some uncertainty.

And lastly, Crylid received some balance tweaks because the fight, although fun and hectic, sometimes felt a bit unfair and overly oppressive.


  • Crylid
    • Homing Tears can now be shot down.
    • Reduced lifespan of Homing Tears.
    • Reduced lifespan of Homing Tear spills, increased spill frequency of Homing Tears.
    • Homing Tears are now scaled according to its Crylid instance’s scale.
    • Homing Tears lifespan is now scaled according to its Crylid instance’s scale.


  • [NEW] Blind Optimization
    • Adds a stack to two random upgrades.


  • Orbital Strike
    • Significantly reduced delay before strikes hit.
    • Improved explosion effects.


  • Updated shading on older weapon models.
  • Improved performance of spills and puddles.
  • Improved performance of Light Drops, Dark Light Drops, Ammo Drops.
  • Improved performance of Marking Shots.

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