The Molten Hose

Everything is in the title, this small content update brings a new scorching hot weapon to the game: The Molten Hose.

Make no mistake, this is not a paint gun, this deadly thing sprays liquid hot metal all over your enemies and leaves burning puddles of death on the ground. It comes with a lot of ammo but consumes it very quickly, so use responsibly. Or don’t, and burn through any enemy that comes your way.

To be perfectly honest this weapon is extremely strong and might be borderline overpowered so I’ll be watching its balance carefully, but it just feels so good to use in its current state, you can even use puddles to make barriers on the ground to kill the annoying little orange ones.

Full patch notes:


  • [NEW] Molten Hose
    • Spray deadly liquid hot metal on your enemies.
    • Leaves burning puddles on the ground, can be used as a barrier against grounded enemies.
    • Very powerful but consumes a lot of ammo.

Plasma Rifle: Increase fire rate by ~10%.

Files 44 MB
Version 0.3.5 Apr 09, 2021

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